Sunday, September 04, 2005

New Orleans cries: "O President, Where art thou!"

And as always, his answer is:”On vacation, like every beginning of September…”So of course we all know this administration isn’t a bright one. We all know most of them are racist conservative hawks, who have been given power by the “Energy Monster/Murder Inc” precisely because they won’t question orders from their cynical masters. However it seems that Nature is getting impatient with our inactivity in fighting them. It seems Nature has come to hit hard…indeed it did!So mr president, after thinking it through, decided the catastrophe was worth interrupting his well deserved vacation. After all, our president is a hard worker, here’s a list of his accomplishments:- Okay…NONE.Should I recapitulate a list of his mischiefs instead?Nah…too long. However it is worth saying that Katrina’s announced visit will most certainly wake up the American conscience!Maybe all residents of Louisiana will vote democrat next time and maybe then, their tax money will come help instead of paying for bullets and bombs to murder Afghani, Iraqi, Palestinian or Colombian children. However this possibility is irrelevant of course, since the only ones to suffer from Katrina are the poor once again, most of whom don’t vote and those who do…well their votes aren’t counted by we know who. So the media instead of showing the health problems and calling on the state to bring massive amounts of clean water and food to the people, are showing looters (amongst whom are cops which shows it’s a survival duty). They say the city is going wild, gangs are taking over. So now the state is sending troops with orders to “shoot to kill”…After Katrina here comes George. George is the biggest hurricane the world has ever seen. George is a mutant, made of brutal Capitalism and Oppressive armed forces that have been trained enough to shoot at their own people. And once again, the incredibly sickening US medias (most of them) have stepped up to help their masters in the difficult task of acquiring popular consent for whatever they plan on doing. Let’s not make people mad because nothing was done to prevent this from happening; like for example reinforcing the dikes on the coast or evacuating the poor who didn’t have access to hotels or even a car to leave the previous day. They evacuate people now! Now that thousands have perished. Now they send buses, helicopters and get some stadium in Houston…We already had THE most criminal foreign policy of the past 50 years but somehow, the media weren’t interested in talking about the internal policies since the end of the Vietnam War. Well ladies and gentlemen; Katrina’s aftermath is the sum of those policies. Take a good look at New Orleans, at the coverage they’re giving us of the situation; of the people being held at gun point by some cop for having “stolen” some dry clothes. This is the George effect! Bodies floating around and rotting. Children in desperate need of clean water. Thousands of refugees. Welcome to America. Welcome to a safe place. A free place, where the only thing really free is death.Now let’s be clear; bullying the whole planet is a full time job for this administration and they take it very seriously. However they don’t really care about interior problems, they don’t care about health and education. They are obsessed with security. Neither our security nor even theirs, but “security” as a whole. Why? Well because it’s their business: weapons and “security” equipment. Why? Well because that’s what you need to be successful in the oil industry.But my purpose here is not to hit on the administration because they’re not worth it. We all know what they did and do, but somehow nobody cares. It’s true! The judicial, which is supposed to serve as a counter power balance, went after Clinton for his dishonourable “behaviour”; but doesn’t find appropriate to impeach this president for his lies, which as of today, have cost 2000 US soldier and 220 000 Iraqis, premature violent deaths. They don’t think his interests in the Enron scandal are worth checking out. They seem to think it’s okay for Dick Cheney to be the vice president giving contracts to business’ he’s part of; of course i'm refering to the infamous Halliburton. So it is important to explain here that this company signed , just a year ago, a contract with the US government, giving them reconstruction of all the navy bases of the southern seems THEY were very well prepared for Katrina since it has earned them 500 million dollars...At any other scale it would be jail but…NO ONE seems to care that Dick Cheney IS Halliburton and that Corporate America is in total power, freaking the hell out of people with lies on poor nations "threatening" the working american, when THEY are the biggest threat the nation has had since 1776 and the British...The media are responsible. They are responsible for the deaths in New Orleans, because they support the 1600 Pennsylvania avenue gang. Sure, they belong to companies, and they need a check to eat. But if they revolt against their slave master and get on the side of the people, the people will be on theirs.Here is a quote from the American Goebbels, Reinhold Niebuhr, whose work has inspired our administrations since the 60s.“Reasoning is not given to everyone. Those who have it must create necessary illusions and abusive simplifications, however emotionally convincing, to maintain the simple minded naives in the right direction.”

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