Wednesday, October 19, 2005


It seems the word “Terrorism” just won’t leave the public space. We have to hear about it everyday. It is rather unusual to see the oppressors use it till this day. Our administration (along with other western powers) has gotten into the bad habit of calling terrorist, anyone opposed to being crushed…How strange! We have the terrorist, the ideological terrorist, the “wanna be” terrorist and many other categories made to “suit” any kind of people. To those who studied or lived through WWII, it’s nothing new. The nazis used to call all the freedom fighters terrorists, for example the great Jean Moulin was officially a terrorist to the French state; but who was he terrorising? The people? No! the Nazi’s imperialist ideology.
Unfortunately it would be hard not to notice who’s in the German boots today. By definition, terrorism means to terrorise someone. Now it doesn’t take a genius to see, as of today, who is being terrorised? My cousin in NYC or the little kids in Baghdad? What brings fear into our lives? What terrorises us? Well of course, television, nothing else. What or who, terrorises little Ahmad in Baghdad every night? An American soldier knocking his door down, slapping his mother, handcuffing his brother and insulting/assaulting his sisters and shooting his father. Who’s really terrorised?
Our society is sick and we should seek help. Where did most individuals get sick? Well as astonishing as it might seem, the administration is right on this point, we are not safe at home. We are under attack; however they lie on the enemy. We are being terrorised right in our homes on that couch. When your son can’t sleep properly and becomes psychotic out of constant fear, it isn’t because someone knocked his door down and shot you before his eyes (even though this can happen if you are part of the 30 million oppressed people living in the ghettos of North America) but because he saw images of pain. The mainstream media are terrorists; they terrorise people. Don’t like? Sorry that’s the way it is. Some will take 9/11 as a concrete example of the terror they feel. Okay, so many New Yorkers have the right to feel insecure however most don’t! The ones that do aren’t from NY and only saw the attacks through…television (regarding Washington DC, it’s a different problem if one considers the fact that no one saw the plane crash on the pentagon...maybe because everyone that could’ve possibly been in that area, was sitting on the “couch” watching the Twin towers burn…perfect timing indeed! Incredible to think what can be organised from the poorest country on the planet, from a cave in the Himalaya…but that’s another story).


A few days ago, a nazi march in Toledo Ohio turned into a riot. Classic example of American state racisms; twenty four police officers were wounded by the Nazis. Anyone remembers any of the similar events which involved rioters with dark skin? Yes? Well you surely remember that civilians were shot. Now how can a small riot like this one (a few blocks) end with 24 (!!!) police officers wounded and no rioter shot? Well those Nazis’ skin is white and the US police doesn’t shoot at white people even when they are terrorists and state enemies. However when the riot is “dark”, people get killed, bones crushed and heads beat.

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